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The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on the things that worked well in the previous year and the things you need to improve upon during the upcoming year.

Last year, I set personal goals that pushed me out of my comfort zone during one of the I-Win meetings. During my year end reflection, I noticed that I was able to accomplish the goals that I set for myself. I think this was largely because I made a conscious decision to make changes, the fact that I was accountable to my I-Win sisters that also provided support, and spending time in the word of God to develop spiritually. I discovered that being truthful with myself and a willingness to put in the work required to make changes were vital. Most of the time, we think it is convenient and more comfortable to remain the same. In reality, it just causes frustration and regret.

I discovered that you have to expose all of the darkness in your life to the light. As long as you keep it in the dark by not exposing the truth which is light, darkness will remain in power. I am excited about overcoming new challenges and reaching new heights in 2018.

I encourage you to begin your own I-Win journey to success and fulfillment by taking it one step at a time. This journey will require you to engage in life boosting activities, interacting with destiny minded individuals, spending time in the presence of God, and being confident in the ability God has placed in you. You may also have to rewrite the story that you have always told yourself about your shortcomings. May God Bless you all to be prosperous, productive, and proactive!


  1. K. West says:

    An amazing journey by an amazing friend and WOG! It is your time.

  2. Yvette Inman says:

    Excellent, keep up the good job. Continue with words of encouragement for others.

  3. Natisha Pinkins says:

    Exposing my darkness has definitely been what I’ve needed to overcome! You have been such an inspiration to a person like me who thought that you had to be a perfect saint to go to heaven! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Sandra Reid says:

    May God continue to Bless you in 2018.. You are definitely a true WOG! God has plans for you this year…Plans to prosper !! Get ready to receive your overflow!

  5. Kristie Anderson says:

    What a great word to begin a new year. I am pushing towards the plan and the purpose. Jeremiah 29:11

  6. Montré Stewart says:

    Bless the Lord for your journey and for sharing. May the Lord help us all shed LIGHT on the dark and painful areas of our lives so that we can be healed and utilized to full capacity in the Kingdom (to glorify God, edify His people and horrify the enemy)!!!

  7. Shakila Gibson says:

    Amen! Reading this has made me think about putting my short term goals in to perspective. I have so many things that I want to do and I feel as though I can’t reach them at times. This blog has a motivation to help me become a Woman of Power!

  8. April Ogudugu says:

    My sister in Christ this is a very encouraging word. I have got to get out of my comfort zone which has caused me to be complacent and in turn, stagnating my elevation in Christ. I know he wants more of me. I remember speaking with you before and we talked about fear holding us back or what others will think. We have to forget about ourselves and others and do what thus says the Lord. Sister, thank you for the encouragement. I need to be surrounded by kingdom-minded women who are fulfilling God’s purpose in their lives. It has been a great pleasure to worship, pray, and work with you. God is going to do more through you! You’re outstanding women of God!

  9. Sharon says:

    Living to please the heart of God!!

  10. Melissa Manigault says:

    I’m excited about 2018 and everything it has to offer! Great blog, Dr. Benefield!

  11. Melissa Paul says:

    Thank you for this enlightening and inspiring word Dr. Benefield. I am thankful and blessed to have an administrator that not only believes, but walks the path of a Christian. You words are uplifting and encouraging as I face a new year of challenges that have been set before me. I will not allow the darkness to be in control, but rather allow the light of God to envelop me and shroud me in his grace. Again thank you for sharing.

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